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Cyber Auditor

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in a transparent and fair way

We will do our best to give the true impression to customers,
and have full responsibility for executives & employees, partner firms, and the society.

What is Cyber Auditor?

It receives any reports of the unfair work process, wrongful acts requested with the misuse of a position,
and corruption that executives and employees have.
These reports are processed in a confidential way.

Report to Cyber Auditor

The matters to be reported

  • Embezzlement and misuse of money, bribery acceptance of executives and employees

  • Unfair work process of executives and employees

  • Overall disadvantageous matters to trading

  • Other matters violating ethical management

Report place

  • E-mail :
  • FAX : +82-55-296-0160
  • TEL : +82-55-712-9525
  • Address : 35, Seongju-ro 97-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do