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Integrated logistics

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We pursue the best quality and make customer value brighter.

Through Exportㆍ Import HUB, we support parts development, transport, supply, and inventory management,
and supply a required amount in consideration of the quality, time, and place requested by a customer.
Special and professional activity and risk management capability are emphasized.
Therefore, we provide "Total logistics Service" that fits customers and help to improve customers’ competitiveness.

ExportㆍImport HUB

  • Global
  • The logistics
  • Quality
  • The EFP Inventory


Export HUB

Overseas purchase service
  • Establishment of global SCM
  • Diagnosis and optimization of logistics flow
  • Suggestion of the solution for optimizing overseas purchase

Logistics Center (VMI)
  • Direct warehouse operation and direct shipping system
  • Efficient inventory management and operation cost saving
  • Delivery and quality management

  • Foundry manufacturing service of imported products
  • JIT & JIS performance based on customer production
  • International certifications of ISO9001 and ISO14001

Export HUB

Total inspection & monitoring system
  • Establishment of S/SKD total inspection line
  • Management and monitoring of total inspection history
  • Establishment of packing & shipping image record DB

Packing error inspection system
  • Total quantity inspection by product
  • Inspection label attachment and history management
  • OS&D 'Zero' control

Production information management system
  • Operation of the packing line for each product
  • Barcode based real-time management of production performance
  • Real-time response to urgent quantity

Establishment of packing design
& inspection rooms

  • Precision measurement room
  • Packing design room

Quality Assurance

Shinhung Global Co., Ltd. puts the quality, safety and environment of all products in priority.
The company already acquires ISO 9001 (international quality management system),
ISO14001 (environmental management system), and ISO45001 (occupational health and safety management system).
Therefore, not only its product and service quality has been recognized in the global market,
but it has been accepted as an eco-friendly enterprise.


  • A9 Slim Nozzle
  • Hub-A height & tremor meter
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • XRF
  • Vernier caliper (dimension measurement)
  • Drain valve air pressure tester
  • Universal Tester
  • Compression Tester
  • Salty Spray Tester
  • Drop Tester
  • Burst Strength Tester
  • Thermo Hygrostat