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Management Policy & Vision

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  • Aim for the best

  • Deep Change

    - Thinking & Behavior Innovation -

  • S.A.C

    - SmartㆍActiveㆍCreative -

  • Jump up, Together!

    Challenges together

  • Try again, Together!

    Challenges together

  • Beyond With you!

    Challenges together

  • Yes, We can!

    Positiveness, Flexibility, Together

  • Yes, I can!

    Positiveness, Flexibility

  • Power Up!

    Differentiation, Diversification!

  • Think Smart Work Detail

    Flexible thinking and perfect execution


    Creation of creative value through flexible thinking
    Maximization of execution for creative value

  • 限界突破

    Break the limit


    Break the limit of the business structure at present

  • Breakthrough Cost Innovation!

    Break the limit of unit cost!

  • Plan Your Success!

    Your success!
    It means ‘let’s plan a future success’.

  • Playing The Challenge!

    Enjoy your goal.
    The Intention of making a ceaseless effort and taking on challenges actively to achieve a goal and reach the top

  • 30% Up&Down

    Sales 30% Up, Unit cost 30% Down

  • 初心 To the Basic!

    The original intention is “the first thought harbored or determined at the time of beginning to work.”

  • Jump & Jump Ⅱ You can do it!

    Technology Power, management Skill, Human Relationship

  • Jump & Jump
    You can. You done.

An enterprise to which customers and neighbors are grateful

As supporting actors make main actors brightened on stage, the parts made by Shinshung make products look great and your life more valuable.
The existence value of Shinshung gets higher when employees, customers, and neighbors are thankful for the technology of the company.