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We pursue the best quality and make customer value brighter.

Shinhung Global Co., Ltd. establishes the best purchase process for d
istributing and supplying consumable materials with low cost and high efficiency,
and timely and rightly provides products for 110 customers across the nation.
Our company will always do the best for customer satisfaction by providing good quality and good prices.


Consumable material
  • Supply of corporate consumable materials
  • Packing and equipment purchase service
  • Development of new items requested by customers

  • Supply of domestic & foreign sourcing subsidiary materials to overseas customers
  • Foreign distribution service

  • Global sourcing & purchase service
  • Overseas sales & distribution service
  • Distribution and supply of products with low price and high quality
  • General sales and operation cost & consumables
  • Improvement in purchase process thorugh standardized purchase system

(Environment Trading Solution)

We care for the environment and neighbors by creating the value of future energy.
By making an effort to solve a problem for sustainable energy,
Shinhung Global will become a leader for a better future.

Wood Pellet

Coaking Coal

Wood Shavings

White Wood


Forwarding Division of Shinhung Global Co., Ltd. makes more efforts to save customers’
logistic costs and to improve their sales than other firms.
Professional employees provide One-Stop Service of import & export
(transportation, customs clearance, and packing), and do the best
to become a strategic logistics partner in any global regions.

Logistics Service

Shinhung Global Co., Ltd. provides fast and accurate services through its global network.

  • Airline service
  • Marine service
  • Land transportation
  • Three countries service
  • Warehousing & storage
  • Customs clearance service
  • Cargo insurance service
  • Import & export packing
  • TCR & TSR Service
  • Bulk project cargo
  • Overseas delivery
  • Handy carry